Top 5 Areas of Ecommerce You Can Apply AI by Hiring the Best AI Development Company in India

Ai Development Company In India

Before we begin, will you spare a few seconds to answer our question? If yes, we want to know, don’t you think that the method to conduct business nowadays has changed big time compared to a decade ago? It’s not just that some brick-and-mortar stores have started building an online presence, but there is much more than making myriads of products available for sale. So, if you want to deliver a superb experience to your customers by leveraging such features, please make sure to contact the most reputed AI Development Company in India today.

For instance, when ecommerce was in its initial phase, you had to browse through tens of listings to find that one correct item you wanted to buy. But these days, things are not much the same. We mean, ecommerce platforms have improved a lot and become much more convenient to use, even for a “layman.” Take, for instance, the voice search feature. It takes almost less than a second to find the inventory you want to buy just by speaking into the mic icon activated on your screen.

Now how did that happen? Is there some miraculous power working behind the scenes, or does the ecommerce app scan your mind before delivering the results? Well, nothing of that sort takes place actually; instead, what makes the “big” difference is Artificial Intelligence technology incorporated into the core system of ecommerce stores.

Now the question arises, how can they help your specific shopping site become better? Well, suppose you “work” with the best business-centric AI Development Company in India. In that case, they will help you develop and integrate many user-centric features into your ecommerce apps, such as voice assistants, visual search, chatbots, personalization, and many more options like such. The benefit? Your:

  1. Visitor’s engagement will increase
  2. Lead generation will boost
  3. And finally, your overall sales will upsurge

So, now that you know the benefits of partnering with a top-tier AI Development Company in India, it’s time to look at the areas of AI application for your ecommerce business. But before that, let’s see some interesting statistics about artificial intelligence:

There is still a massive dividend you can reap by implementing artificial intelligence in your ecommerce app. Do you know why? It’s because only 23% of ecommerce businesses have called on AI seriously to date. And the rest of them have either not realized AI’s potential uses or are just paying lip service to it.

Somewhere around 63% of agencies say that they will have to adopt artificial intelligence very soon to reduce their overall operating costs.

47% of digitally dominant firms have been already taking “advantage” of a well-planned AI strategy for years.

Approximately 54% of ecommerce administrators believe that their productivity has increased “greatly” by involving AI in their business processes.

Now, let’s see:

Five Best domains of ecommerce you can apply AI through the top AI Development Company in India  

Voice assistants 

Believe it or not, 50% of all searches over the web will be executed through voice command very soon. Alexa and Siri are not just handy for domestic use or learning purposes but shopping as well. A case in point is voice assistants could become an excellent shopping assistant for your buyers by allowing them to communicate what products or services they want to purchase from your store.

Visual search 

Do you know that artificial intelligence technology uses Natural Language Processing or NLP to enhance the quality of search results your site delivers. And the good news is that it has started utilizing its visual search abilities “as well”. To allow internet surfers to find the product. They want to own by matching and showing it on their computer screen.


“Frankly speaking,” chatbots deserves the highest praise you could ever provide them. And do you know the reason behind it? Well, they are the main element that keeps ecommerce websites usable 24*7. The primary job of these bots is to respond to the customer’s queries as quickly as possible when they are on your site and considering making a purchase.


Increasing customer engagement on ecommerce platforms is not a breeze these days. You have to apply various techniques to scale their stay time on your site by understanding. Their needs, preferences, and, most importantly, their behaviour. One such tactic that could work wonders. In this case, is capturing the past purchases of your customers. And using that data to create a personalized shopping experience for them using AI and ML technologies.

Data analytics and lead generation 

We think you know up until now that the most “basic” reason you should power your shopping site by AI is to collect some “useful” data. About your customers and use that for generating leads, understanding needs, and predicting their behaviour. So, if you want to leverage all that, artificial intelligence implementation is your one-stop solution.

Final Words 

We hope you learned well the power and importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enhance your e-store. So, if you enjoyed reading this blog post and want to opt for the AI-based features we discuss above. Please look no further to connect to a state-of-the-art AI development firm in India.


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