Top Apps To Buy Dogecoin From

Buy Dogecoin-
Dogecoin was first created by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus, both software engineers. The cryptocurrency was born out of a joke when Palmer poked fun on Tumblr about investing in Dogecoin. A post that began as a joke went viral and eventually resulted in a fully-fledged cryptocurrency. As of July 2021, Dogecoin was considered among the top five cryptocurrencies’ market value.
But the problem is that many people still don’t know how to buy dogecoin. This is partly because the cryptocurrency came a bit later compared to other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you would like to buy or sell Dogecoin, you won’t run out of options. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges that allow you to buy or dispose of different types of cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin.

Below are top apps to buy Dogecoin from:

1. Binance

Binance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges located outside the United States. It has also been the largest exchange in terms of volume in the world. Binance allows individuals to buy crypto via bank transfer, peer-to-peer trading (P2P) trading, debit or credit card, and via third parties.
The funding options of the exchange include popular currencies like the British pound, the U.S. dollar, Australian dollar, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, and a few selected minor currencies. The platform also allows individuals to fund their accounts with a host of currencies including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

2. Kraken

Kraken is a US-based exchange that was launched in2011. It is considered the fourth-largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trade volume. Currently, the exchange supports funding through Canadian Dollars, U.S. dollars, euros, British pound, Australian dollars, Japanese yen, and Swiss franc. The exchange also allows the use of wire transfers and credit cards.

3. Coinbase

Although it is the largest crypto exchange in the United States, Coinbase started supporting Dogecoin in mid-2021. This means that anyone who wants to buy or sell Dogecoin in any country can do so through The good thing about Coinbase is that it has a very simple and straightforward trading interface. The exchange was founded back in 2012 and it is the only crypto exchange in the United States that is publicly listed.

4. eToro

eToro was initiated in 2007 as a social and copy-trading platform. Just like Coinbase, it also took time before it started supporting Dogecoin. eToro provides various funding options that usually update your account balance almost instantly. Popular payment options accepted by eToro include PayPal, Neteller, credit card or debit card, bank transfer, and skrill.

5. Bitpanda

The cryptocurrency exchange is based in Australia. You can easily buy Dogecoin on BitPanda using your mobile device or desktop. When using a desktop version, all you have to do is click on the “Trade” button, click on buy and choose “Dogecoin”. But if you are using a mobile app, go to the application’s homepage and tap the “buy” button.
Dogecoin has proved to be one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies. There are many apps you can leverage to purchase Dogecoin and make profits. Start crypto trading today from trusted places like SoFi Invest.

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