Top Features You Need to Consider Before Purchasing Canopy Tents


Canopy tents come in different styles and shapes. Therefore, not all canopy tents are made through the same process. As canopy tents are one of the most effective promotional tools for your business, you should be careful while purchasing canopy tents. Many business owners don’t even know the difference between various types of canopy tents. Hence, they might purchase something irrelevant or ineffective for their business.

Remember that the selection process of the canopy tents is not easy. You need to provide time and effort to purchase the perfect canopy tent. People use canopy tents for either promotional purposes or recreational purposes. Remember that promotional canopy tents are ideal for business promotion at the trade shows, On the other hand, recreational canopy tents should be used at beaches or camping sites. Depending on your requirement, you need to consider some features before purchasing a canopy tent.

Whatever your requirements for buying a covering tent, there are sure things you want to know going to ensure you purchase the right one. Shelter tents are a major venture, and you don’t need your speculation to lose its worth after its first use. That is the reason we will be checking out a few elements of shelter tents that will show you the intricate details of these extraordinary sporting/promoting instruments.

Here are the top canopy tent features you need to consider. 

The Frame

This is one of the most important canopy tent features you should consider before purchasing a high-quality and effective canopy tent. Remember that the frame of the canopy tents will determine their durability and stability. Without a high-quality and relevant frame, your canopy tents won’t be able to withstand moderate outdoor conditions.

The most common types of materials of the frame are powder-coateing steel and aluminum. The great advantages of aluminum are that it’s scratch-resistant and rust-resistant. As per Kloecknermetals, aluminum is corrosive resistant. On the other hand, steel is heavy and strong but much more prone to rust. Even though the canopy tent frames are coated with anti-rust solutions, a small scratch can develop rust on the powder-coated steel frames.

The Shape

The hexagonal legs of the canopy tents are much more robust as they have better impact resistance features than the normal square legs. Remember that normal legs can be damaged easily due to strong impact. The thickness and diameter of the legs are other important factors you need to remember while purchasing promotional canopy tents. The rigidity of the canopy tent frames is highly dependent on the thickness and diameter of the legs. The more durable and strong canopy tent you purchase, the more it will weigh due to the thickness of the frame.

Despite the fact that all tents need four legs and an overhead cover to work appropriately, there’s plenty of edge sizes and legs for you to browse. On the off chance that you pick some unacceptable estimated outline for your overhead cove that is simply terrible. The inverse is valid, there is no utilization in purchasing huge legs for a little shade cover. If you arrange a shelter tent that is tiny for the occasion, it is hard (and surprisingly humiliating) to keep everybody inside a packed tent.

Connectors, Truss Bars, Footplates

These components are responsible for the overall thickness and stability of the canopy tents. Just like the leg tubes, the diameter and thickness of the truss bars are some of the most essential components of the canopy tents. If you want to purchase the best connectors, consider choosing double-sided connectors as the truss bars are connected from the dual side of the connectors. This will not only ensure the stability of the canopy tents but also prevents breaking, collapsing, or twisting. Make sure you purchase high-quality canopy tents with large aluminum or steel footplates so that your canopy tent can withstand several impacts. Don’t purchase cheap plastic footplates as they don’t have high impact resistance ability.

Locking System

Securing frameworks are sets to ensure the system and parts (during establishment and uninstallation) keep everything moving along as planners. There are three sorts of locking frameworks to consider: button press, push the trigger, and pull-pin. Any locking framework relies upon which is simpler for you to utilize. However, remember that most industrially reviewed shades come furnished with the force pin framework.

To keep overhangs will be moveing by wind blasts, make certain to purchase leg loads, anchors, or blocks. Albeit most shelters accompany these extra additional items as of now. It’s something special to remember whether yours doesn’t. Shelter tents might appear to be costly, however, the elements that we’ve discussed (just as the advantages they offer) radically offset the sticker price.


These are the top 3 canopy tent features you need to consider. If you want to purchase a custom canopy tent, pop-up canopy tent, or recreational canopy tent. Make sure you get in touch with us and we’ll assist you in selecting the perfect product.

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