Must-Have Gears for Trail Horse Riding.

trail horse ridingtrail horse riding
If you have a horse, one of the fun activities you could do together is going on a trail ride. Aside from the outdoor adventure, trail riding also gives your horse the exercise it needs and even challenges its physical capacity. Trail rides can go from a few minutes to longs hours of the ride in varied terrain. Just like when you’re preparing for a trip, you should also prepare your horse and yourself as well before going out on a ride. Here are the must-have gears and supplies you should have before heading out.

Riding Tack:

Before riding on a horse, you should have a complete riding tack first to make your ride more comfortable and convenient. Comfort is the top quality you should look for when choosing riding tack. If you’re riding for a long time, you and your horse must be both comfortable to make the ride more enjoyable.
First, you should have a durable saddle to sit on. The saddle distributes the rider’s weight evenly on the horse’s back and also creates a comfortable seat for the rider. Don’t forget to lay a saddle pad on the horseback before putting the saddle for the comfort of your horse. Lastly, don’t forget the breast collar and the crupper. These two gears attach the saddle to the horse’s chest and the dock of the tail to keep the saddle in place when going up or down steep terrains.


Aside from the riding tack, you’ll also need storage gear to hold all of your stuff during the travel. It is important to pack only the essentials since you wouldn’t want to put on more weight on the horse. Saddlebags horse helps carry all your essentials while riding the horse. It is attached to the saddle to make the ride convenient.
trail horse riding
trail horse riding
Aside from the saddlebag, you’ll also need a collapsible water bucket so you can collect water for your horse anytime during the ride. If you want additional storage, you could also add a cantle bag which is placed behind the saddle seat. Although it is smaller than the saddlebag, it could still give you that extra storage space you might need.

Emergency Supplies:

Emergencies could happen anytime and anywhere you are, whether you’re on a ride or just resting for a while. If you’re out on a trail ride, most likely you’ll be far away from any transport or help. You need to do things on your own to solve the current emergency.
To treat injuries, always carry a human and equine first aid kit. Whether you or your horse gets injured, you could treat it properly if you have complete supplies. Also, be sure to carry with you hoof picks to remove debris that gets stuck in the hooves. This makes your horse feel comfortable during the ride, especially on long trips.
Before hitting the trail, be sure to have all these essentials for convenient and safe trail riding.

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