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Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya, is located at the height of 1496 meters, and this is the perfect place to be for people who are both nature and adventure lovers. This hill station is picturesque and serene, and that is why; it is known as the ”’Scotland of the East. Located at the Khasi Hills, this is a colorful hill station that offers many outdoor activities.
The benefits of booking resorts in Shillong are that one can enjoy their holiday amid nature and enjoy all the great places that the capital offers.

Shillong Peak

This is situated about 10 kilometers from the city, and the peak offers a spectacular view of the city. The peak is at the height of 1965 meters above sea level and is the highest point of Shillong. This place offers a stunning view of lush greeneries and cascading waterfalls. One can view the Himalayan peaks and the Bangladesh plains from the peak if the weather is not too cloudy.

Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures

If one wants to know this place’s authentic culture, they must visit here. It is a museum which gives the visitors an apparent insight into the culture and history of the place and the tribes who used to live here in ancient times. This museum is a seven-storied building with plenty of galleries talking about different periods of history and the city. It is the home of several arts, musical instruments, cultural artifacts, and other tools used for hunting and fishing.

Laitlum Canyons

Shilling is a place that offers some breathtaking beauties, and Latium Canyons is one of them. This is located on the Khasi Hills, and one can get a panoramic view of hills and the valleys from there. Though this place is not much explored, if one is in Shillong, they must take a chance to experience a lifetime by traveling here. The word ”’Latilum”’ means ”’end of the hills” Here, one can get a fantastic and clear view of the valleys and surrounding hills. One can also trek till here if they are adventurous by nature.

Elephant Falls

Also known as the Three Steps Waterfalls, this is located about 12 kilometers away from the capital city. There are three steps where the waterfalls and hence it has got the name. Later it was renamed Elephant Falls by the British. This is because the stone which is near the waterfall resembles an elephant. But this stone is not there now as it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1897. One can only see the total energy of the fall only during rainy seasons, but it is also a great place to visit when one is holidaying in other seasons. The Shillong Peak is quite near to the falls.

Mawjymbuin Caves

This is said to be one of the leading attractions of Shillong and is located about 50 kilometers away from the city. These are the natural caves situated in Mawsynram, also known as the wettest place in the world. One should take some time and energy because there are four caves to explore. They have some spectacular stalagmites, and one is a huge stalagmite that takes the shape of a Shiva Linga and on which water keeps constantly dropping from the stone above. It is always a thrilling experience to explore caves that are formed naturally.

Umiam Lake – A Man-Made Reservoir

When in Shillong, one should never think of skipping Umiam Lake. This is a place of pristine beauty. It was formed after constructing a dam, and the lake is enclosed with East Khasi Hills, which is full of lush greeneries. One can get some fantastic views of the sunrise at Umiam Lake. If one is a pure nature lover, this is the perfect place. One can also indulge in various water sports when they are here.
Apart from boating in the lake, one can also indulge in other activities like water scootering, yachting, and speed boat rides. At Umiam, one can also trek through the dense forests and then camp at the Lumpongdeng Island. The best thing is to book a boathouse near the lake and stay there for a day or two. It is 17 kilometers away from Shillong, so one can take a cab ride there.

Sohpetbneng Peak

This is one of the most beautiful places to be when in Shillong. Perched at 1343 meters, this peak offers a bird’s eye view of the dense forests and the Shillong city. There is a tribal festival celebrated there every first Sunday in February. The Seng Khasi people reach the peak to conduct some rites and rituals to perform their traditional song and dance. Hence the peak is a significant place in Shillong. One can enjoy the trek till one reach the peak, and if one is not much of a trekker, they can take a direct cab ride from the lake.
Shilling is a fascinating tourist destination that one would love to explore because of its scenic beauty and rich culture and traditions. With all the spaces mentioned above, one can make their holiday in Shillong quite memorable.
When it comes to booking and planning for holidays, most of the things happen online. Researching for tourist destinations has become easier because there are plenty of sites from where one can get all the detailed information. The benefit of booking resorts in Shillong online is that one can check all the details first and then do the final bookings.

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