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Treks in UttarakhandTreks in Uttarakhand
In northern India, the country of Uttarakhand is a pleasure for travelers. Built-in the traditional culture, magic mythology, picturesque landscapes, old pilgrimage areas, and rich colonial history, it offers a wide range of adventurers eager for a trip through the luxuriant highlands. This state’s healthy climate is the crowning gem of all hiking places in India and throughout the world. Winter is winter with a beautiful feeling while in the summer you enjoy some of the most amazing sights with its grass, lush woodlands, explosive wild meadows, blooming wildflowers, and rough terrain. The delicate caress of colder winds attracts you from the snow-covered tops. 

Nag Tibba Trek:

For novices as well as experienced trekkers, Nag Tibba or Serpent’s Peak near Mussoorie offers an exciting, healthy, and mild walking experience. The highest spot in the Nag Tibba range of the Garhwal Mountains lies at an altitude of 3,050 meters above sea level. The Nag Tibba walk may do year-round; it is one of the easier winter treks in Uttarakhand, thanks to its moderate ground without long steep climbs
toughest treks in uttarakhand
toughest treks in uttarakhand
Depending on the route taken, it takes 2-5 days to cover this walk. This wonderful summer trip begins in Pantwari and takes about 7 hours to reach the base camp of Nag Tibba, 10 kilometers from Pantwari. The hike travels along snow-covered ridges, snow-drenched woodlands, deep snowy spots, and little outlands by a mountain river. You celebrate a breathtaking show from some of the highest peaks in the Himalayas throughout the walk. The walk surprises you with the most bright sunsets lit up in many red and orange colors.

Chopta Trek:

Enter into the splendor of Chopta, the Deoriatal Lake, and the Chandrashila Summit. It will take you 6 days to cover the lush maps, rhododendrons and oaks, the sacred temples, and the snow-capped mountain peaks of Chaukhamba, Bandarpoonch, Kedar, Trishul, Nanda Devi, and Chandrashila, 30 kilometers away. This easy walk begins in Sari and leads towards Deoriatal Lake, a glacial, translucent lake on the top of the mountain, surrounded by Chaukhamba, Neelkantha, Bandarpoonch, Kedar Range
The beautiful spring lake flatters visitors with reflections on its crystal blue waters of snow-packed mountain summits. We propose a night in Deoria Tal since you can find some animals on the golden coast in the morning. The stunning sunset views from the Chaukhamba mountains are also offered to you and you will bask beneath the starry sky under the moonlight. Chopta, often known as “Uttarakhand Mini Switzerland,” fascinates you with the jaws of a virgin setting. This unknown hamlet with a peaceful setting is the ideal place for meditation and yoga.

hidden treks in uttarakhand
treks in uttarakhand

Brahmatal Trek:

Situated on a peak at 3,400 m, in the Himalayan range, Brahmatal or Lord Brahma lake, received its name from several years of meditation here, as Lord Brahma had been meditating. Brahmatal, according to its name, brings you to a heavenly voyage through the horizon of snow-covered valleys, ice-crossed by bright azure skies, frozen sunny streams, and snow-covering oak woodlands. This lovely route is perfectly backed by Majestic Himalayas with Mount Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. This picturesque trip, stretching over 30 km, takes 4 days from Lohajung, the base of the Brahmatal climb. The fact that this trip offers many routes for forwarding and backward journeys is noteworthy. Trekkers enjoy the splendor of the new view on the journey. 

Kuari Pass Trek:

Kuari Pass make famous by Lord Curzon, the Indian vice king who first discovered this trail in 1905, and was also known as the Lord Curzon Trail. This famous winter trip starts at Auli and takes you to an average elevation of 3,800 m, across a snowy Winterland with white wetlands and frozen lakes in 6 days. Kuari Top displays a stunning view of massive Himalayan peaks from the surroundings at an altitude of 4,264 meters. This trip is the ultra-selling point, the divine peak of Nanda Devi gleaming in the Snow. 
treks in uttarakhand for beginners
Treks in Uttarakhand
Kuari Top displays a stunning view of massive Himalayan peaks from the surroundings at an altitude of 4,264 meters. Like the Kedarkantha Trek, you can flatter the Kuari Pass Trek with campgrounds that place in wonderful landscapes. The campsite Chitrakantha surround by woods that are so great that behind the trees are the mountains hidden. Khullar Campsite, linked with its name and a large land with a covered crown of Hathi Godha and Dronagiri mountains. This immense wide terrain fills with pine and coniferous trees. Another highlight of this place is a perennial stream of water near Khullar. Kuari Pass is so surprising to you that you are visiting a planetarium in the night sky studded with glittering stars.

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