Mistakes to avoid while preparing for UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021?


The most common mistakes committed by UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021 hopefuls include:

  • Too much attention is paid to topics such as World History, Physical Geography, Constitutional Provisions. Cost-benefit ratios are not great for these subjects. There aren’t many questions being asked here. UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021
  • The lack of attention paid to subjects like Governance, Society issues, the factors that affect the locations of industries Ethics paper, and so on. They are not as well-defined and have more weightage.
  • Do not make one’s own short notes after reading different sources. They can be extremely helpful in the last revision.
  • Relying on current affairs compilations on their own and ignoring newspapers.
  • Unable to maintain balance between Optional and General study preparation
  • Too much time spent in preparation for the Prelims exam and then finding that you are not prepared for the Mains exam following the Prelims exam.
  • The practice of writing answer questions is not being considered in preparation for Mains. A lot of people just join tests to satisfy yourself that they’ve completed their practice writing answers. They either don’t complete all the tests or do not analyze their answers thoroughly.
  • When writing test-taking, you are focusing only on getting the work done in three hours instead of improving the accuracy of answers.
  • In the actual Mains paper, you will write less content and providing more explanations.
  • Strive for perfection, not an actual knowledge of the subject.
  • Procrastinating
  • Stressing too much decreases performance.
  • Reading at the last minute- many hopefuls keep revising in the final moments just prior to the start of the exam. This does not help their preparation, and can cause anxiety. In addition, you’ll experience difficulties recalling what you’ve read earlier.
  • The knowledge gained from the general studies (GS) document. A knowledge of GS3 can be useful for GS4, GS2 in GS1 and similarly.
  • The lack of focus on your essay. It is the easiest to write and can achieve 1.5 times more than any GS essay.

Normal to make Mistake | UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021

It’s normal to make mistakes and the majority of these mistakes were made by me. Aspirants from different backgrounds, different abilities and various circumstances. The exact method of preparation might differ, however, some general guidelines which are generally applicable include:

  • Before you begin preparing begin, you will have a rough idea of the amount of time you’ll dedicate to Optional as well as general study, how much Prelims and what you will need you will need for Mains. Make a plan for the exam before the Mains.
  • Get the list of in hand before beginning the preparation.
  • Do not attempt any test in the interest of making an attempt. A lot of people fail on their first try just to gain an understanding of what the test will be like. Failure is certain to make you feel anxious and increase anxiety of UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021
  • Learn the syllabus for Mains particularly GS papers and memorize them.
  • Provide adequate mock tests to prepare for Prelims as well as Mains.
  • For Prelims Even when you don’t understand an answer directly, you can answer it using reasoning and intelligent guessing.
  • Do not try to score a high in the Prelims. Your goal should be about 120 marks or more.
  • For the Mains, a clear delivery and expression of your ideas is just crucial as is knowledge of the topic.


Ethics Classes + Essay Classes & Mock Tests +GS Sectional & Mock Test Series

  • 25 Theoretical Classes – Ethics Syllabus
  • 10 Classes for Case Studies
  • 03 Essay Guiding Classes + 04 Essay Mock Tests
  • 20 Sectional + 08 GS Mock Tests
  • 2 Special Tests on Current Affairs Editorial.
  • Study Material
  • If you are writing test questions for Mains Concentrate first on improving the quality of your answer. You may also choose practice writing daily online like TLP Insight Secure initiative, EDEN IAS Mains Marathon etc. Examine your answers and come up with a brainstorm the areas where diagrams, schematics and other illustrations can be included.
  • The Test Series is more crucial in learning about time management in order to complete the test within 3 hours. Time management is crucial after you’ve learned how to write effective answers.
  • Note down your own notes on various topics such as Optional, Polity, Geography ethics, Internal Security, History etc. They aid in revising the answers and adding more information in the questions.
  • If you’re attempting to write the paper in the Mains exam, use a large font with adequate spacing and make use of the space. Make sure you finish the assignment, but when you aren’t sure about a topic you should not answer that question.
  • In the Mains exam candidates start by answering questions of 15 marks (Question number 11-20 on the GS paper) and proceed to 10-mark questions. Others may try 2-3 markers and then proceed to 15 markers. This method of writing must be determined prior to the writing test mock.
  • Concentrate on your essay papers. Write a few essays on philosophical subjects and general subjects related to studies.
  • Sleep well before the exam. Avoid reading until the very last minute.
  • Be careful not to engage in any new relationships or commitments in the course of preparation. It’s impossible to fight on two sides.

Good Luck For UPSC Aspirants


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