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There are many social networks in the world. But some are very famous and some are not even noticed by the audience. Instagram, Twitter, snap chat, YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram are among the very famous social networks. Every second person has these networks. These apps use for fun, creative things to do, for chatting, for exploring their talent via photos or videos. As if anyone wants to download any video or picture from this social network. Because these app doesn’t have an option for download. Don’t worry because today in this article we are going to discuss a special app. It’s none other than w3toys.


W3toys is a special app made for you. If you are tired of taking screenshots and want a photo or video in HD quality then you should use the W3toys app. It’s a downloading app. Or you can just go to and enjoy its features. No formalities need to use this app like to sign in. It’s not available offline. You must need an internet connection to use this app. This app downloads images of the best quality. No time need for downloading. It’s very simple to use this app. The process is very quick. Once a photo or video download then it’s stored in your phone’s gallery.

Why W3toy?

Everyone asks us that why they should use W3toys. Many other apps can download images or photos. So you should use this app because it’s made just because of your request. Every user wanted an app that can download photos or videos in HD quality. So here it is. The demanded service is available as W3toys.

Features of W3toy:

There are many eye-popping features of this app which are discussed below:

HD Quality results:

This is an amazing feature of this app. As its results are fabulous. When you will download any video or picture from any social network it will be in HD quality. It means their resolution will be very high. You will see everything. So just go to W3toys Downloader and download your desire pictures.w3toysinstagram


Everyone wants to know whether this app has a limit to download or not. So get excited because there is no limit to downloading pictures or videos. You can use this app 24 hours a day and 7 days a week or as you want. Download any picture at any time.


One of the other reasons that you should use this app is that it’s free. From your side, no money is required. Yes, you heard right. It’s just for free. So what do you want other than this? Come fast and download W3toys Downloader.


To use this you should be online. I mean it’s not available offline. Once you download the desired photo or video in your gallery. The downloaded photo or video can use without the internet. As it will be stored in your phone’s gallery.

No sign-up or login:

So after downloading this app. You can take advantage of this app directly. You don’t have to complete the formalities. This means there will be no need for your email, Gmail, or any other account. You don’t have e to sign up or log in to use this app. Just enjoy it.

Simple to use:

This app is very simple to use. There is no hard formula to use this app. How to use this app is discussed below in the article. This app can use by anyone. You have to take a look. If you are a child, adult or an old man do worry everyone can use it.

Fast app:

Your work will be done in no time if you used this app. Because it’s a very fast app. No time is required. So don’t wait and download this app.

User friendly:

This app is very user-friendly. As everyone can use this app easily. And this app can use on almost every device. Like I phones, tablets, PC, computers, Android or mac.
Before sharing information on how to get images or videos from Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Let’s know what are these apps.


Instagram is a social network. Where everyone can share pictures and videos with others. You can even chat with your close ones. This amazing app was invented by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Kevin is an entrepreneur and software engineer by profession. Mike is a Brazilian software engineer and entrepreneur by profession. Instagram was created in October 2010.
In the beginning, when this app was launched the photos can be shared only in low resolution. And the formats of photos can be only square. But after a little time owners improved the performance of the app. . In 2013 they added the option of video. Which you can send in only 15 seconds. Its resolution was 640×40. Later in July 2015, the resolution improved more till 1080p and 60 secs.
w3toysinstagram download
And in August 2016, another special option of “Instagram stories” was added. These stories will only be displayed for 24 hours.

W3toys Instagram:

So if you guys want to download any video or picture from Instagram you should use W3toys Instagram downloader. Its result is high resolution. You can download videos off Instagram via W3toys Instagram video downloader. Or if you want to download any story on Instagram then use W3toys Instagram story downloader. Don’t get confused all of these are one app called W3toys.

Steps to use W3toys:

Follow the given information:
  • Open the Instagram app or go to the website and type
  • Next is you have to open the video or image you want to get it.
  • Then copy the URL of that picture or video.
  • Now your job is to open the app W3toys.
  • Then fill the textbox with copies URL.
  • Just press the download option.
  • Then the downloading process will start.
  • After completing the downloading process. Your photo or video will be saved in your Gallery.

It downloads multiple feeds:

This app can download IGTV videos also. IGTV is a combination of videos and pictures. This is recently launched. So IGTV videos can also be downloaded other than pictures and videos.w3toysyoutube

Instagram reels:

Those short videos which will be sharing some kind of features are Instagram reels. It’s a short video of 15 seconds. So these videos are kind of like TikTok videos.

How to download Instagram reels?

If you want o download Instagram reels then you should use the W3toys Instagram reel downloader. So open W3toys and enter the URL which you copied from the photo you want to get. Now press the download option. And wait for an instant download of W3toys Instagram reels.

Is it illegal to download pictures or videos from Instagram?

Yes, it’s illegal. But don’t worry it’s ok to download any picture, story, or video from Instagram. But don’t use that picture, story, or video commercially. If you will use it commercially you will get in trouble. It’s better to take permission from the owner before downloading any picture, video, or story. In my opinion, this can be the best way.

Can you download pictures or videos from any user?

The answer is no. You will see two types of users in Instagram:
  • Public user
  • Private user
The public user itself posts its pictures or videos to everyone. And downloading pictures or videos of such users are not problematic. But those who are private users don’t post their pictures or videos publically. And they allow only their friends to see it. Instagram itself doesn’t allow to download of pictures or videos of such users. So be careful before downloading any picture or video of a private user.

W3toys Facebook:

W3toys can also download videos and pictures from your favorite app Facebook. So to download videos from Facebook you can use the app W3toys Facebook downloader. This app is completely safe. It’s very fast. Open Facebook, then come to the video you want to download. Then copy its URL. Now you should open the app and place the copied URL in its place. Then press the download button. Wait for downloading.
w3toys instagram
You better ask the owner before downloading. This application will download the video in high-definition quality and standard definition quality.

W3toys YouTube video downloader:

W3toys doesn’t have the option to download videos from YouTube till now. The app has the ability to download only from Facebook and Instagram.


W3toys is a free and secure application to use. You can download any picture or video from Instagram using this app. You can even download IGTV videos and stories from Instagram. This app provides online service. So you should have an internet connection before using this app. There is no limit to use this app. You can download as many pictures or videos under this application. Moreover, this application is user-friendly as you can use this application on any device. Like Android, Mac, PC, computer, tablets, and phones.
No need to log in. It’s very easy to use. As it’s illegal to download pics or videos of another user without permission. So first you should take permission. But you can download pictures or videos just don’t use it commercially. Using this app you can download videos from Facebook also.


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