Wedding Shenanigans

What goes on, in your mind, when you hear the word, wedding? For most people, a wedding consists of a happy couple, a bride dressed in white, family and friends, and good food. Well, a wedding is all that and more.
A wedding is an amalgamation of love, respect, and friendship. Each person plays a significant part on the day of a wedding.
To get a better idea, let’s talk about some significant people that make a wedding, a wedding!

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The Bride and Groom:

It comes without surprise that the two most important people are the bride and groom. Some people spend years thinking and dreaming about their wedding and getting to see it all play out is a joy unlike any other!
However, weddings tend to take a toll on one’s state of mind. End result? Bridezillas and cold feet. Luckily, wedding magic is so powerful that everything ends up being beyond beautiful.

wedding photographer
wedding photographer

The Bridesmaids and The Groomsmen:

Getting married kind of turns you into a celebrity. You have your own entourage, what you say goes, and everyone around you tries to play genie.
This is where the bridesmaids and groomsmen step up. They entrust with the job of entertainment/management. They have special duties and contribute to the peace a wedding requires.

The Wedding Planner:

The wedding planner is the beast that runs the whole wedding. What goes where what happens when it all comes under his/her decision.
Weddings can get really stressful, real quick, and having someone that can take control in a tough situation is always a plus.

The Wedding Photographer:

If you ask me, you might be able to have a wedding without a planner but skipping out on a photographer is a big NO.
Photographs are a way for memories to capture onto film. Hiring a wedding photographer is a key step in the wedding process. As a Minnesota Wedding Photographer, here are a few reasons as to why you absolutely should hire a photographer.

wedding photographer
wedding photographer
  • Eternalize Your Wedding Day – A wedding is a special occasion and it deserves to remember. Years later, you’ll be able to relive each and every moment all by flipping through a photo album.
  •  Captures Moments You Might Have Missed- When you’re a couple of the hour, you might not get to see every precious moment that takes place the day of your wedding. A photographer will be your set of eyes and will make sure to record every moment that you shouldn’t have to miss out on.
  •  Creates A Better Mood Among your guests – A wedding is a gathering of all the important people in your life, including your friends and family. They all might not know each other and so there may be a bit of awkwardness in the air. A photographer can mingle with the crowd and get people to talk and pose with each other. In a way, a photographer helps bridge any gaps amongst your guests.
  •  A Photographer Does Not Let Your Wedding Fit Go To Waste- Weddings are a few of the events where you can go all out when it comes to your outfit. I mean, there is no way I would wear Vera Wang and not get any pictures taken. Even if it isn’t a designer gown, a wedding outfit is always special as it sets the tone for a wedding. A photographer will make sure to get pictures of your dress from every angle. Not a penny wasted my friends!
Getting married is a big deal. Not everyone is lucky enough to find the love of their life. If you have found your soulmate, hold them close, have a wedding, and start a beautiful life together.
I truly hope that you remember the memories you make on the day of your wedding and live happily ever after.

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