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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant


There is not only one therapy that is best for all heads when it comes to hair restitution. Various procedures address various issues. Therefore, before you choose hair treatment, it is essentially important to contact an experienced doctor. There are two basic techniques when deciding on a hair transplant: follicular excision (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Together with FUT we will examine the process advantages and cons of follicular unit excision more closely today and discuss it. You can choose the ideal method for you in this way and can go with the best technique of hair transplant in Delhi.

Advantages FUE Hair Transplant

Virtually invisible scars

FUE entails generating very small circular punctures at your head’s rear, rather than a linear scar at your head, such as the FUT. Every punch is made up of a follicular unit (a group of one to four hairs). The dots leave little scars on your skull, which are impossible to hide, unlike FUT’s long linear scars. Even with brief haircuts, you can easily hide these FUE scars. You just know that if you fully rash your head, your scar may be noticeable.

Minimal pain after your procedure

Pain following the surgery is minimal because little punctures are produced on your skin. During FUT the skin is incised elliptically to where the hair bulbs are residing. Sutures or staples are needed and several days of discomfort can result from this incision. For FUE, you don’t even require post-op pain medication. All patients, however, are provided pain-free drugs.

Less downtime

In addition to reduced pain, it takes less pain than linear scars to heal minor punches. There are no stitches or scalpels, therefore the wounds are recovered in the space of a few days.

Ensures a natural-looking hairline

Both FUT and FUE leave you with a natural hairline that looks thicker. Transplant technology advances to ensure that your hair is fully natural. There are no plugs produced by any method.

Less risk of complications

If you have FUE by using a robotic technique of the ARTAS, much robotic speed and precision replace the guesswork and manual labor of traditional hair transplant treatments. This means that the risk of problems, scarring, and downtimes is reduced.

FUE is one of the most accurate, fast, and consistent techniques in which a hair transplant is received. And also Hair transplant in South Delhi has the most experienced doctors to do FUE hair transplant.

Disadvantages FUE Hair Transplant

Must shave the entire donor area

The whole donor area, practically the entire sides, and back of the scalp must be scrubbed during most FUE procedures. We suggest you make a “transitional” haircut that is shorter than your typical style if you are not wearing your hair currently in a short style so that you prepare for a time when hair is growing back following the treatment. You can keep your hair long before the operation if you receive a small or medium form FUE treatment (< 1000 grafts). Longer hair will cover the donor area, and the hair will grow back. It will mend.

Larger donor area

The FUE donor area is usually greater than the FUT area. While your scalp’s back is often harvested during FUT, your surgeon can tap on the upper, lower, and side areas of your donor area to obtain the correct amount of FUE grafts.

More fragile and transected grafts

During FUE, the grafts harvested are more fragile than during FUT. Hair follicles, bulbs, and a little of the surrounding tissue are included. These grafts can be more fragile since they often contain less protective dermis and fat than a hand-dissected FUT graft.

FUE is also a “blind” operation, such that the instrument used to collect grafts cannot see the place of the hair bulb through the skin. You should therefore expect to lose some of the hair gathered because of transection or a haircut over the bulb level. ARTAS robotic technology, however, can minimize the chance of these grafts being destroyed through constant and precise algorithm changes.

Typically more expensive

Due to the technologies required, the FUE technique tends to be more costly than the FUT procedure.

Final Thoughts

If you want more information about follicular or follicular unit transplantation, don’t hesitate to contact the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Delhi! They are well experienced and will provide you with a thicker hair journey.

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