What Is Call Break? Play Online And Win Big

What Is Call Break
Earning real money while playing the game of your choice is something that every player would be interested in. Enjoying playing games online and winning prizes goes hand in hand in today’s world. Not only that, many gamers have made a living out of playing games.
Moreover, several games can be considered as a viable career option. One such game in the e-sports world is Call break which allows players to have fun and win exciting rewards. Read this article to learn more about the game and how to win real cash.

What Is Call Break Game?

The Call Break game is a multiplayer card game played in several rounds. There is no record of this game’s evolution in any country or nation, but the game is popular in South Asian countries. People in Nepal, China, and India, are obsessed with the Call Break game where four players play multiple rounds before one of them emerges as the winner. The game starts with bidding, in which every player has to select a bid that they will be hoping to score.
The player who rolls the exact bid that they have proclaimed or greater than that wins and gets rewarded or would be severely facing some losses. The rounds will be mutually pre-decided, and the player at the end of the rounds has the maximum score emerges as the ultimate winner.
Many people perceive Call Break as a game of luck; however, with excitement, trumps, bids, and tricks, the game depends on strategies. A variation of Spades game, Call break deals with thirteen cards, and the rules are simple and easy to grasp. Known by several names like Lakdi, Call Break trash, Spades, and sometimes Racing, the game is easiest when played online and ensures maximum excitement while competing against strangers online or with your friends.

Get Acquainted With The Rules

The rules of Call Break are simple for beginners and pros alike. However, some of the rules that one should be aware of while playing both online and offline are:
  • The game is played with 52 cards, without the joker among four players.
  • The default trump card in this game is considered the Spade card.
  • Before the game begins, every player has 13 cards in their hands.
  • One of the interesting facts of the game is that if any player turns up with no Spade in their hands, the dealer has to reshuffle and redistribute the deck.
  • Every player is allowed to play a card of the same suit as the player who begins the game.
  • However, in scenarios where any player lacks the same suit card, they can choose a trump card or any other card of their choice.
  • Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 is the order of the cards from highest to lowest.

How To Play A Game of Call Break?

The ultimate objective of this game is to win either more cards or an equal number of cards at the beginning of the game. The game begins with an exciting round of receiving cards, where the dealer has to divide 13 cards between 4 players. After dealing, every player has to call the bids they expect to win in a certain round. The game continues with other layers following suit in an anti-clockwise direction. The game also allows for players to play the trump card or any other suit when they don’t have a card of the same suit.
Any player who has the high-value card at their disposal wins the game unless their opponent rolls a trump card and reverses the course of the game. Every round finishes when none of the players is left with any cards, and then the points are calculated. Usually, the game continues for five rounds or more, and the player with the highest bid at the end of all rounds wins the game.

How Are The Scores Calculated in Online Call Break?

While playing Call Break online, one should be mindful of how the scores are calculated. Every player has to bid based on the cards at their disposal to score an equivalent number or more to win the game. Some of the rules of scoring that one should know:
  1. Every player is awarded an equal number of points after getting an equal number of cards as they had bid at the starting of the game.
  2. Your score will increase by 0.1 points for the extra hands when you win more cards than your bid number.
  3. On the flip side, if you get fewer hands than the bid you had predicted, your score is reduced by the number of hands you had bid.
  4. Moreover, a player who calls eight or more than eight hands will score 13 points if they win a certain number of points.

How To Win Big While Playing Call Break Online?

There are several platforms where you can play Call break and win prizes and other exciting rewards. One of the budding and robust fantasy games platforms, MPL serves as a viable option for passionate Call Break players to play the game online.
With an exceptional user experience at your disposal which ensures an enhanced gaming experience, MPL deals with real-time players earning rewards while enjoying the game of their choice.
MPL’s Call Break allows you to invite your friends or play with people online with interesting graphics and a smooth interface. There are several weekly and monthly tournaments where you can challenge players to stay on the top of the leaderboard. MPL gives you a golden chance to enhance your skills at Call Break and get rewarded for utilizing them in the best way possible.
You can even practice a few games before you step out on the battleground and fight against pro players. With prizes and several other exciting rewards, every passionate Call Break player has to check this platform.


With several online platforms on the go, winning rewards and prizes while playing a game that you are passionate about has become easier than before. Therefore, get ready with these tips and rules to have an exciting and competitive match of Call break!

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