WhatsApp Screen Recorder: A New Smart Revolution.

WhatsApp Screen Recorder

Do you need a WhatsApp screen recorder app for your kids and employees? Having sound knowledge of technology and proper use of it is a survival move. One can’t just ignore the fact that people can live like cavemen in this era. You need to polish your skills and enhance your basic knowledge regarding smart gadgets, tools, and their incorporation into daily life. For example, if anyone says that they are living a content life without a smartphone then I must say he or she is real is black sheep.

I mean how can you even pass a day without a smart gadget. Similarly using a smartphone or any other smart gadget is one thing but being controlled by it is another. If you know the drill next step is how to get back that control.

For that again, technology is here for our help as they offer measures like spy apps, monitoring software, and more. All I can say is we are here for the smart revolution whether it is in the form of employee monitoring, parental control, or anything else.

We are going to specifically talk about social media monitoring features today. Well, who needs an introduction to versatile social media and instant messenger chat apps, We all know their importance in our lives. Gone are today’s when these were just entertainment toys for youngsters.Iphone, Ios, Whatsapp, Smartphone, Phone

Now it is much more than that. They are used as marketing tools, learning platforms and trendsetters’ media outlets, and more. To keep an eye on such activity as employer or parent is the right call and the OgyMogy spy app offers dozens of features for that. Some of them are as follows.

WhatsApp Screen Recorder:

Whatsapp, the most popular instant messenger chat app worldwide according to 2021 statistics has nearly 2 billion active users. People are sharing their knowledge, taking classes, attending a meeting, and connecting with friends and family through these apps. OgyMogy offers a WhatsApp screen recorder that allows the user to get into the Whatsapp account of the target. You can be sent and receive text messages from your teen or any of your employees.

For the latter make sure you should do the monitoring through the company-owned device. Because other than that it is illegal. The app also lets the user know about media file sharing through the Whatsapp chatbox. Don’t allow your kid to join any vulgar group and keep an eye on the instant messenger activities with OgyMogy.Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Snapchat

Facebook Screen Recorder:

Facebook the oldest among all is still a famous social media platform. With add-up features, it is the third most used app in the world. The screen monitoring feature can be very handy and helpful in many ways. If you are using this platform as a marketing tool then you can monitor the live streaming, posts, or comments of the official account by yourself. Use the Facebook screen recorder and monitor the marketing campaign if a newly introduced product or service is by yourself. You can even get into the Facebook messenger box of your teen as well as the spy app offers a service to remotely get into the chatbox as well.

YouTube Screen Recorder:

Youtube is the video hub for any kind of video. Well, it can be a skill-building clip, a funny video, or adult content. The thing is anyone can search for anything on YouTube. The purpose of monitoring tools like the YouTube screen monitoring feature allows the user to keep an eye on the Youtube activities of the target person. Now the target can be your employees who are possibly wasting time in watching any sort of entertaining content during working hours. Or the target can be your teen who is responsible for uploading some triggering content on a personal YouTube account or so. Smartphone, Notebook, Social Media

Tinder Screen Recorder:

Tinder is for dating. Well, imagine you can simply choose your partner based on their described specifications about themselves and their looks. Well yes, I think that is an unreliable way to judge anyone. Imagine your teen connecting with a psycho or sexual offender just because he is handsome or she is beautiful or has a good sense of style. With Tinder screen recorder you can not only know about potential dating partners of your kid but can also keep an eye on their activities. You can even stop them from meeting any weirdo as well. Visit for many other interesting features.

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