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Why Get a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage

In today’s times, tension and stress are invariably present in all our lives. We cannot eliminate them permanently but we can divert our minds to enjoy the other beautiful aspects that deserve our attention. This diversion can be achieve through relaxation, and one effective mode of relaxation is a hot stone massage.

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is done by placing hot stones on certain body parts to relieve stress, relax muscles, boost metabolism, and enhance blood circulation. The massage therapist are employs smooth and warm basalt stones with flat surfaces to ease painful muscles and heal the entire body. To induce deeper muscular relaxation, the stones are put on the spine, on the legs, in the palms, or between toes. Kneading, tapping, long strokes, and circular motions are used by skill therapists to provide maximum the benefits of this massage to the client.

The Origin of Hot Stone Therapy

Native Americans have relied on hot stones warmed by fire to relieve hurting muscles in the past. Mary Nelson, a Tucson, Arizona native, is credit for popularizing the use of hot stones in massage therapy today. LaStone Therapy, which has a North American spiritual component and needs training and certification, is her trademarked method of hot stone massage.

Basalt stones are preferred over other types of stone because of their non-porosity, smoothness, and capacity to maintain heat for extended periods of time. Furthermore, these lovely stones are available in a variety of sizes. The massage therapist sets smaller tooling stones in certain areas of the body for specialized massage strokes, and bigger placement stones in one spot of the body for lengthier treatments.

Available Benefits

Most massages are forms of alternative medicine treatment. They are often used as a type of supplemental therapy for different ailments. Take a look at the benefits of getting hot stone massages:

Provides tremendous relief from muscle discomfort and tension

Heat has been use to relieve muscle tension and discomfort for a long time. It aids in the improvement of blood flow to the affect area. Muscle spasms may be reduce, and flexibility and range of motion may be improve. Inflammation can be relieve by cold therapy. Alternating heat and cold stones during your massage may be beneficial depending on your conditions.

Makes it Easier to Sleep

Massage may be an alternative to sleeping drugs in individuals with insomnia. Back massages are known to help in relaxation and ensure better sleep. Infants with sleep issues who get massages from their parents generally feel sleepy a lot faster, and this conditioning is done since childhood when infants are able to sleep in cradles.

Assists in the reduction of stress and anxiety

Massage treatment is most helpful for stress alleviation. Cardiovascular responses are boost during this period, and massages are able to provide a lot of comforts.

May aid in the relief of autoimmune disease symptoms

Fibromyalgia and other painful diseases may benefit from hot stone massage. Fibromyalgia is a persistent pain condition that affects the entire body. People with fibromyalgia who get massages are generally able to sleep longer. People with rheumatoid arthritis may benefit from such a massage as well. Of course, this should never be done without expert supervision from an expert massage therapist.

May aid in the reduction of cancer symptoms

In certain cases of cancer, it can help alleviate pain too. The soothing effect of human contact could be an important factor.

Can Improve Immunity

Massage may help to enhance an immune system. Better blood circulation is natural to make the antibodies more active.

Explain the Mechanism of Action From Hot Stone Therapy

The therapy practitioners clean and heat the basalt stones in a precise temperature range of 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The therapists are next use classic Swedish massage to warm up the body before placing hot stones on key acupressure body regions like the hands, spine, abdomen, feet, legs, and palms, as mentioned earlier. These stones calm and warm the body while also releasing toxins and relieving pain. These stones also aid in the expansion of blood vessels, which improves circulation. Aside from that, these have a calming impact on the receiver’s body.

Safety Procedures

a) Stones for Heating (and Overheating)– Allow plenty of time for the stones to warm up before the session.

b) Hot Stones and Gloves– When getting a hot stone massage, never wear gloves. That’s because, regardless of what the thermometer indicates. Any stone that’s extremely hot for a practitioner’s hands is likely too hot for a client.

c) Heat and Skin Sensitivities for Practitioners– If a practitioner is uncomfortable with a hot stone operating temperature range of 120-130 degrees Fahrenheit, giving therapy should be reconsider.

d) Safety with Hot Stones and Bones– Stones should not be press into any superficial or projecting bones.


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