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Why Nightfall Happens And How It Can Be Cured

Why nightfall happen

A common problem for people with diabetes is nightfall or nocturnal emission. Around 80% of people with diabetes experience nightfall at some time during their lives, usually during the first year of having the condition. It is more common in men under 30 years of age. This blog will look at why nightfall happens and what are measures to prevent it.

What is Nightfall?

Nightfall is a medical disorder that happens in people above 18 years—the leading cause of this disorder is the fall of the hormone Melatonin. Usually, the production of melatonin is increased at night, and it helps to get sound sleep.

But in the case of Nightfall, the production of melatonin decreases, and the patients suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders. The nightfall patients wake up during the night and can not get back to sleep. Many patients also suffer from depression and other mood disorders. The main cause of this disorder is aging and hormonal imbalance.

Why Nightfall Happens?

Why does Nightfall Happen?

Involuntary ejaculation is commonly popular by the name nightfall. It is a problem where a man ejaculates before he wishes to, either during foreplay or before penetration is achieved. Nightfall happens for many reasons, including sexual desires and hormonal imbalance, but it can be cured, treated, and prevented. There are many ways to avoid the involuntary release of the sperm, but here are some common and effective ways.

Reasons why Nightfall happens?

  • Sexual Desires at an early age
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Not active sexually for a long time.
  • Excess Masturbation
  • Strong sexual desires
  • Nervous damage like spinal cord injury, brain tumour, and sclerosis

How To Cure Nightfall?

Hoe to Cure Nightfall

Nightfall, the rude awakening of sleep caused by a rush of blood to the head in the middle of the night, can be a nuisance to many, especially when it’s a result of a medical condition. Fortunately, there are a number of natural remedies that can help treat nightfall safely and effectively, so it’s essential to be aware of the different types of treatments available to you today.

1. Exercises

The best way to get rid of Nightfall is to make your body healthy and free from any disease. Regular exercises are recommended by experts when it comes to Nightfall. Some exercises are specially designed by professionals that you can do at home, like pilates, Kegels, and some aerobic exercises.

2. Medications

When you are at the initial stage of Nightfall, medicines are good to help. They are painless, effective and doctors recommend medication for treating nightfall in the first place. Medicines like NF Cure, Nefall, and Kushta Qalai are some of the most popular medicines to buy online.

If you are looking for the best nightfall medicines online, Ohman is one of the most popular platforms for buying drugs and other products online. The site is safe and offers only those products that are recommended by top sexologists in India.

Home Remedies for Nightfall

  • Eating food rich in fibre is effective in treating nightfall, and it also promotes sperm motility. Add food items like pomegranate, asparagus and mango improves blood circulation and strengthen your muscles strength.
  • Taking a hot shower before sleeping will help you get rid of bedwetting at night. You get a night of sound sleep and reduce the chances of involuntary emission.
  • Masturbation, when done within limits, helps get control over your sexual desires, and you get a healthy body as well. But make sure you are not getting addicted to it.


Changes in your daily food plan can gradually make the problem of nightfall go away. Keep in mind that easily digestible substances will always be beneficial; that’s why digestible food like figs, Tinda, gourd, luffa, moong dal, etc., makes you energetic and improves sexual power.

Do not eat such food at night, which the body has to work hard to digest. Sexologists recommend consuming substances that increase sexual stimulation like garlic, onion, and pomegranate, which keep the genitals healthy.

Visit The Best Sexologist For Nightfall Treatment

Dr. Chirag Bhandari for Nightfall Treatment

When no other options work for Nightfall, the only way to get the ideal treatment is to visit a sexologist in India.

Dr. Chirag Bhandari is one such name that comes under the list of top sexologists in India regarding sexual dysfunction treatment. He is a famous male sexual health expert and has knowledge of more than 10 years in the field of sexual dysfunctions in men.

Dr. Chirag is the originator of the only sexual health clinic for men in India- the Institute of Andrology and Sexual Health, India. The clinic is well-versed in providing all types of treatment for nightfall using the latest technologies and modern methods. It offers the highest success rates for every treatment it offers in India.

If you want to get rid of involuntary ejaculation at night, visit the best sexologist in India- Dr Chirag Bhandari at IASH, India, or visit the website to book an online consultation.

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